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I really hope you like this. Please comment on my thread and state what was wrong in my story. I'd really appreciate it. Here I go!

By the way, Malaysia's schools are different from other schools. All schools require the students to wear uniforms. This is just fiction and they do not wear normal clothes to school. Please do not start an argument here, those from Malaysia or Singapore.



Year 2010, May.

Rumours were spread across Malaysia where there was an alien which crashed into the South China Sea. Scientists from other countries didn't bother because they were too infested in their inventions of computers and iPads and they said it was just a rumour, not proven yet.
The government had had search teams to investigate the crash site. None came back alive. The news shook the country and was afraid the world would end in the 21st of December, 2012.

Louie, a small boy, by the age of 12, took interest in this rumour. He had black hair, his fringe touching his brows. He usually wears a T-shirt and jeans to school. He was timid and shy, an introvert to be precise. He is lean and thin and he weighs about 85 pounds. He is tall, almost as tall as the typical doors in your houses. But he made friends with a guy who was athletic and smart, always getting medals and straight A's in tests. His favourite subject was Physics and he was crazy about aliens.
Everyday, he would look through the internet and find clues to the whereabouts of the search teams. But everyday, searches that were made were fruitless.
His friends would just laugh at his theories of aliens. His best friend didn't make any remarks or replies. One of his theory was that the aliens were not in grey, but in bright and blood red. He'd even thought that the aliens are ruthless killing beasts, but not travelers to investigate this planet.

"Just give up and forget about it," Amelek advised, his best friend, in a sorrowful tone. Amelek was serious about it.
The 12-year-old ignored his best friend's opinion and became more obsessed with aliens to the point when he tried to put posters of aliens in his neighbourhood. He got laughed off more instead.

Aliens are always believed to be intelligent and smart. He thought they were violent and devious and they had just borrow technology from another species.

One day, Louie was walking back home, excited to research on the paranormal activity that happened last month. He lived in a normal neighbourhood. Kids would laugh at him because he was supposedly crazy. But he didn't care. He promised himself that he would humiliate mankind when aliens were proven real.
A hazardous factory based on nuclear was in the neighbourhood since last year. But nothing obvious has happened since then, just another factory that existed.
Louie thought, "It was about time I find out what's in there." He changed his direction from his house to the factory. Metal fences higher than him by would block him from entering. He willed himself to climb over the fence and continued towards it.
He stopped his steps in front of the giant door. The exterior of the factory has no sharp curves but roundish ones. There's not even one giant tube facing up to let out smoke and small pipes leading to a river because there's no river in this neighbourhood. The giant door in front of him is about three times his size.
"Time to get in," He cracked his knuckles and pushed the door open.
There was nothing but a corridor leading forwards. It's a straight walk to doom.
And he was going to doom.

He walked through the lifeless and dark corridor and came across another door. Now, it's smaller than the previous one. He opened the door and saw red aliens doing experiments on numerous humans.
Even a young and obsessed alien researcher didn't get any news on abduction of humans.
The door creaked loudly and the alienated figures looked at him instantly. They were outraged. One showed its alien teeth, sharp and nasty. Louie noted the teeth colour as they're red too.
He felt a sharp pain from his left shoulder. A large cut from an alien. Its claws were soaked with fresh blood. Louie held his left shoulder with his right hand. He forgot that touching wounds would cause more pain. He shouted in agony and his mind couldn't take it anymore. So, he fell unconscious.

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