You were a young military pilot, that was before... it happened, You were flying off the coast of Florida when your plane lurched forward, then it started descending, you hit a reef and slowly sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, luckily you weren't in it, you see when the plane crashed into the ocean you fell out and landed on a floating piece of driftwood, you woke up on the deck of a cruise ship, but the Bermuda Triangle had other plans...

Character Sheet:

Personality: (2 Traits)
Physical Desc:
Skills: (Only 3)
Inventory: Gold Compass, Air Force Badge
Weapons: None
Clothes: Ripped Hawaiian Shirt, Cargo Shorts
Hp: 100/100
Mp: 100/100
Stamina: 100/100
Hunger: 100/100
Thirst: 100/100