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How to post game an d make game

Posted Apr 22, '12 at 5:41pm



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[b]help me!!


Posted Apr 22, '12 at 9:56pm



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I think you should be a bit more specific on what you are asking...

If you are asking how to make a game and post it on AG then...

1: This is in the wrong section.
2: First, you need a program to make games, then once it is made in the top right hand section of the screen click sumbit game and follow the instructions. Some programs are listing in Programming Help. To get there, go to the forums and down near the bottom of sections click Programming Help. Hope that helps.



Posted Apr 23, '12 at 9:37am



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*Clap, clap!*

This thread deserves a lock now, since Soon indirectly said so!

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