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Chapter 1:

"Kattaniis you are a horrible leader,ninja,and person.I call you out of the Black Clouded Ninjas."

They gave me A hundred ninja stars,a throwing knife, and a double hooked katana."Now out with you!" Sensei Youko whispered harshly.As je pushed me out, I was left to the cruel, unwelcoming jungle of Edakiko. I left with trails of dust behind me.My midnight black mask covering my face."Traitor, I will become a Rouge,An unwanted."

I ran and ran 'til I found a small tree.I climbed and hid.
"Rouge ninja." I whispered to myself. I fell asleep dreaming of me walking through the ashes,of their bodies. And the ashes falling like snow. When I woke up to the munching and crunching of my tree being knocked down. "What the?!!?" I looked down to see a small panda eating away. I jumped to a new tree as the one I was previously in fell.

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More detail, and watch your spacing and pacing. Other than that, this seems like it could be a good story.

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