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Free Rider 2 Competion

Posted Jun 2, '08 at 10:17pm



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Free Rider 2 Competion!

Hi! My name is DonkeyKong13. I am president of a Free Rider 2 club called The Thrillers. I am currently hosting a competion for the best Free Rider 2 map. If you want to join put your map on this forum. Next Sunday the competion wil be over. On Monday I will announce the winner of the competion! I will hold a competion every wekk for the whole Summer! (Except for one week, (( I don't know when, but I will find out)) because I am going to be in Canada ((( For a reason I don't know))) so I will tell you when I find out the dates (((( Oh, and sorry about all the parenthesis, I had alot to say in one set of peranthesis))) so just for one week I will be gone!)

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!


Posted Jun 2, '08 at 10:21pm



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Well this should be in the games section, thank you come again.........

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