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My music!

Posted May 1, '12 at 5:24pm



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Hey, guys. My friend turned me on to this site and I'm really excited.

So, I've been composing music for close to 7 years now and I'm completely self-taught.

I used to have a big home studio with lots of musical gear, mostly software, but I abandoned that in favor of Windows MIDI sounds. Also, Vista wasn't compatible with a lot of it, including my sound hardware.

I chose Windows MIDI because it helped me master my music theory, and I think it's a challenge to get basic MIDI files sounding good.

I'm actually looking to eventually write music for video games only.

I have a lot of these quasi-MIDI files posted on my Youtube channel which is here:

But as you can see, I don't get a lot of traffic. I'm genuinely curious to hear what other gamers think about my stuff, if you can excuse the fact it's all MIDI and minimalistic from a production standpoint.

So, what do you think?


Posted Jun 11, '12 at 11:30am



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That stuff is great! Make reposts, and you will be asked to make music for games.


Posted Jun 12, '12 at 1:55pm



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Really good! I love the cool retro songs as well as most of the others LOL I have not heard all of them, but the ones I have heard I really like.


Posted Sep 26, '12 at 8:23pm



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Good stuff this guy has!

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