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New Poetry.. Untitled

Posted May 2, '12 at 11:51pm



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Unholy suffering,

Undoing everything,

Everything Iâm questioning,

I give into panicking,

Iâve never felt this before,

This life I now abhor,

Trapped here forevermore,

Pick up the pieces on the floor,

Will you now turn away?

Letting everything decay,

My soul is in dismay,

Will there be a new day?


Posted May 7, '12 at 3:10am



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I read this over and over again.

Good sir, I do say this poetry of yours has a dark substance the likes of which I have never seen.

The forgotten emotion gone pondering hopefulness.
It is deeply frustrating to me because I feel as though I need to hold the trembling hand of this tortured being.

Excellent work my dear poet.

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