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Thepyro222 presents: The Tornado

Posted May 9, '12 at 10:29pm



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New original poem.

The Tornado
I will find them,
I will pacify them,
An unstoppable force,
Charging on a black horse,
The land returns to dark,
I make their fear grow stark,
You cannot hide from me,
This is a guarantee,
Consuming all,
As the creatures fall,
Feel my anger,
No escaping danger,
A thousand wolves howl,
The sun wrapped in a dark cowl,
A thousand voices cry,
All your hopes and dreams die,
I will take everything,
Only agony I bring,
I leave behind only pain,
Wrapped behind only wind and rain,
I am the thing that you fear,
A tornado that draws near.


Posted May 10, '12 at 1:17am



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