Hello, some of you may remember me as I used to come here quite often.

I remember this forum had a lot of good developers, and I am back into AS3 after a year of having quit.

Anyway, long story cut short: I'm making a game that is the top of my ability, which seems to have improved on its own. I have an Enemy class and 16 types of enemies, and another massive load is being thought up and drawn by my friend. The enemies have different behaviors. I have two options:

1. Use a switch statement in the Enemy class to test for the type of enemy, and execute the corresponding function. That would mean the Enemy class has about 80 functions in the end - 40 pseudo-constructors and 40 handlers for enter-frame and allsorts of variables(probably stored in a single array)

2. Make 40 classes for each type that extend the Enemy class and contain all code in those.