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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted Jun 27, '12 at 7:23am



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Oooooo, am I the first to vote?

Oh, thank you MrDayC this was a very special treat for me to listen to all of these versions, most for the second (cough) time.

I'm afraid I'm at an empasse as I find it very difficult to decide so I'll look at it this way:

on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best

Original, Bob Dylan
one of the greatest "folk" writers/musicians of my generation and perhaps of all time. He does deserve recognition but the harshness of the harmonica is hard for me to suffer through. I also find it difficult to appreciate his singing voice.
I give the original an 8.

Cover #1 Jimi Hendrix
His version defines the "psychodelic" rock music that emerged from the first "Wood Stock" and is the most influential version defining the "Viet Nam" era. I don't think his improvisation is the best though when compared to the next 4 versions. He gets a minus on vocals and guitar.
I give improv #1 an 8

Cover #2 XtC
This version defines the emergence of "break-out" or "alternative" rock. The vocals are a little harsh but the guitars and drum balance it and I really like this improvisation so,
I give improv #2 a 9

Cover #3 Grateful Dead
This version defines the mello end of the alternative scale of rock hence the "dead-head" reference to describe the fans. The vocals are weak but the guitar is strong and I like this version so,
I give improv #3 a 8 1/2

The real contest for me and what's giving me such a tough time deciding who's best are:

Cover #4 Dave Matthews
I find absolutely nothing wrong with this improv. The vocal is strong and the guitar is superior so,
I give improv #4 a 9 1/2

Cover #5 Michael Hedges
I was knocked out with his intro and I find myself wanting to actually buy his music, today! So I give improv #5 a solid 10. Truly outstanding improv and far surpasses the original.


Posted Jun 29, '12 at 5:55pm



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Meh... I don't know but I simply love that song, as played by Bob Dylan. It has an almost poetic feel to it, which I miss in the covers, who are neat and all but kinda boring. Don't know what it is, maybe the underlying drum set rhythm, or the way he sings it, or his harmonica; both last things I actually enjoy in Bob Dylans style, contrary to wajor (though I can perfectly understand why she doesn't like it ).

So once again, I'm sticking with the original. Bob Dylan for me.


Posted Jul 1, '12 at 10:19pm



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Thank you HahiHa for understanding...
I do agree with you on the original version and that was another reason I had such a tough time voting.


Posted Jul 2, '12 at 11:06am



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Ok, here we go, commenting as I view..

The original, Bob Dylan, I don't mind his vocals.. in fact I prefer them to Hendrix's vocals nearly every time (maybe not recently, but whatever)

Next, Jimi Hendrix, I actually like the guitar work in this one, though I've long considered Hendrix to be an overrated guitar player... (So far, it's a tight battle, which surprises me.. on to the next one)

Next, XTC.. what the heck is this?!? The music is weird and the vocals sound like they are trying to sound like Dylan. I don't know what they normally sound like but this version is crap... Next!

Next, Grateful Dead.. very, uh, Grateful Dead-y. It's not bad, but it's not impressing me either. I like the music to it, but the singing isn't pulling me away from Dylan or Jimi.. movin' on!

Next, Dave Matthews Band.. hate live versions just because of this type of thing.. Ok, these vocals I love! Definitely my favorite so far lyrically. The music is pretty decent as well. I believe we have another challenger! Just got to the second half, or the pickup... loving this version! Ok, moving on..

Next, Michael Hedges.. It's weird, but I don't know that I care for this song with smooth vocals, and he seems to have that. He's a good singer, but I don't know that I want that for this particular song. It's a nice version, but it's not for me.

So what do we have, 6 songs? Ok, here they are from worst to first..

6) XTC.. just get that crap out of here.
5) Grateful Dead.. maybe a better quality version could have bumped it up
4) Michael Hedges.. smooth vocals, not what I'm lookin for here

and now it gets tough

3) Jimi Hendrix.. could easily be 2, but not today..

and the runner up is.. a commercial break..
(previously on my vote.. "and the runner up is..")
and the runner up is..

2) Bob Dylan.. my first vote against an original (Dang you DayCee!). Jimi could have had this spot for a few years, but I've fell in love with Dylan's music recently, so he gets the edge. Plus, he's the original, always an edge there.

which means, my vote and #1 on this list

Dave Matthews Band. I love the way he sings this, I love the pickup halfway into the song. If only the crowd would shut up, I'd like it more.

Vote - Dave Matthews Band.


Posted Jul 5, '12 at 3:36pm



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Started June 26th and only 3 votes... *sigh* ...I wish the Popular Media forum would be a little more active as the only threads being posted in as of late contain chewed out topics or blah... =/

*cracks knuckles*

Time to post a new battle in this thread and hopefully get some attention! =)

1 - Bob Dylan (Original version) - WINNER!
1 - Dave Matthews Band (Cover version)
1 - Michael Hedges (Cover version)
0 - Jimi Hendrix (Cover version)
0 - XTC (Cover version)
0 - The Greatful Dead (Cover version)

Fine... that's that, on with the next!


Battle # 6 : The Man Who Sold The World (Suggested by calebsi, thanx!)

Information on the bands/artists below, as usual...

- David Bowie (Original version - 1970)
- Lulu (Cover version - 1974)
- Nirvana (Cover version - 1994)
- Simple Minds (Cover version - 2001)

Raise your gloves... break a sweat...



Posted Jul 5, '12 at 3:58pm



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I decided the winner with my sole vote? I dunno if this is great or sad... (I'm a One Man Fanbase... F*** yeah \\m/-.-\\m/)

Though, could you explain how Bob Dylan is the winner? wajor was the first to vote in favor of Michael Hedges, so unless you voted for Dylan yourself or give a bonus to the original in cases of a tie, I thought Hedge would win because 'first come, first served'?

I'll vote for the new battle later, though I can already say that by looking at the artists, my bias for Nirvana might decide my vote... but let's Wait And See :P


Posted Jul 6, '12 at 11:34pm



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I vote Nirvana

David Bowie - Kurt's voice sounds better than his

Lulu - The song doesn't really work well with her voice in my opinion and I don't like the guitar in the background.

Simple Minds - Too much background noise

Nirvana - Nice and simple


Posted Jul 8, '12 at 11:16am



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And away we go..

David Bowie.. I was surprised, and then not surprised when I heard that this was his song. The first version I heard was Nirvana and I just love their version. Anyway, I don't know if it's the video or what but when Bowie does it, I'm just not excited. I love the guitar in the chorus and when it came, it was non-existent. Plus, the way Bowie sings it, he just seems bored. No emotion at all.

Lulu.. This video is messed up. How does this fit the song at all?!? I'm expecting the Bee Gees to pop out as her backing band while Travolta does the pointy-finger dance. This is just all kinds of weird. As far as the song goes (and why is she smiling all the time?!? grrr), the music doesn't fit the mood of the song. I just can't handle this anymore, it's too bizarre..

Nirvana.. Just. Awesome. His vocals are perfect for this song. I love the music as well, it all just fits together to become my favorite Nirvana song.

Simple Minds.. Either I can't figure out there music on this one or there is something wrong with the video. It sort of sounds like someone is running a lawn mower in the background. The vocals are pretty close to Kurt's, which makes it not that exciting, because it's not different. That combined with the fact that the music is garbage make this one a no go..


4) Lulu - get that disco/happy happy joy joy lookin junk out of here.

3) Simple Minds - Not unique sounding except for maybe the music, but I didn't like that at all.

2) David Bowie - Poor vocals and unclear instruments, but kudos for the song.

1) Nirvana - just a great song all around. love the feel of the vocals, love the accompaniment of the music.

My vote - Nirvana.


Posted Jul 10, '12 at 5:51pm



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Hmmm...I can't really decide..

Well, Simple Mind's version is uninteresting compared to the others. It just hasn't anything special.

Lulu's is actually nice in some way because of that little classy Oldie touch, but I agree that it isn't the best combination.

Nirvana made a good cover, theirs give me slightly more chills at some point than the original, though Bowie sounds more dreamy, and has a bit more flow. His version's video also gets +1 for the pretty percussionist^^
It's true that Cobains voice goes well with the song, but sometimes even he sounds a bit bored; Bowies voice just naturally sounds so.

I really don't know... can I make it a tie? Oh well. There are already two votes out there for Nirvana, so I give my vote to David Bowie (and again I chose the original. Somethings wrong with me..)


Posted Jul 14, '12 at 10:58am



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@ HahiHa : I actually made a small error there while rushing to make the post and so I forgot to include Dave Matthews and Michael Hedges in the tie-win with Bob Dylan there... sorry!!! (o.O)


Sad to see how only a few people continue to check and vote for this thread and it's battles... =/

What happened to all those music enthusiastic AG users?! (o.O)

God, how I long for the good old 'forum-active' days back in 2009 and 2010 sometimes...

I'll post a score count now, but there will be a new battle posted soon! Keep checking in guys!!

So far, the score shows a lead for Nirvana!

2 - Nirvana (Cover version)
1 - David Bowie (Original version)
0 - Lulu (Cover version)
0 - Simple Minds (Cover version)

Keep them votes coming people!!! So far it's VERY slow with only 3 or 4 voters with every battle!
*sob* =/

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