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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted Jun 13, '12 at 11:38am



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wis battle go draw


Posted Jun 16, '12 at 12:36pm



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Sorry, sorry, sorry for being 2 days late! I had a lot of stuff (MBWC prep) to do, including attending a concert last Thursday, so I had to let the deadline slip for once! (o.O)

Looks like the original version prevaled once again and left the covers standing in the cold! =)

6 - System of a Down (Original version) - WINNER!
2 - Amon Amarth (Cover version)
0 - The Pretty Reckless (Cover version)

On with the next battle in the 'OvC' thread! This one is suggested by ilberic, big thanx! =D


Battle # 4 : Rocky Mountain Way!

Some information on all 4 songs :

- Joe Walsh (Original version - 1973)

- Triumph (Cover version - 1977)

- Ozzy Osbourne (Cover version - 2005)

- Godsmack (Cover version - 2012)

On with the show! Ring that bell reff!



Posted Jun 16, '12 at 12:40pm



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I love the Eagles but I've never been a fan of Joe Walsh, I like the original done by him, but he isn't my choice.

I like Ozzy too, but not his newer stuff, Ozzy has gotten extremely over-rated, and his singing has become so hard to understand.

I've never heard of Triumph.

And I love Godsmack, they're a lighter metal for me but they're metal all the same. So I vote for Godsmack.


Posted Jun 16, '12 at 2:05pm



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@Fallen950 agreed , Ozzy was a symbol but has now just become a withered old man and his talent went downwards as well.
My vote goes for godsmack on this one, the original wasn't bad but i like the feel that Godsmack added to the song.

[Bold]Vote goes to Godsmack[/Bold]


Posted Jun 16, '12 at 5:22pm



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Compared to the original, Triumph didn't bring anything new. Their version is very nice too, but the original just has more charme.

Ozzy Osbourne? Meh. He distorted the melody and still tries to keep the light feeling of the song, in which he fails. And his voice just doesn't sound good to that song.

In this aspect Godsmack did it much better, they tried to adapt the song to their way of playing music. It sounds good, not distorted as in Ozzys version, but almost too smooth, and so unlike what I know of them.

I think I'll stick with the original, by Joe Walsh. The way he played and sang it just matches the tune the best.
Godsmack would come second, Triumph third and Ozzy last.


Posted Jun 17, '12 at 12:33am



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This one was Joe Walsh from the get-go for me. But to be fair and opinion-filled I listened to the other 3 as well.

#1) Joe Walsh - Original's always get that extra bias just for being the original, but I love his voice on this song, and I've always liked his guitar.

#2) Godsmack - I surprised myself with this ranking, as I'm not a Godsmack fan by any stretch, but I think they changed it enough and kept the integrity of it at the same time. So while Walsh is far ahead of them on this song, Godsmack is far ahead of the next competitor, which is..

#3) Triumph - The music just doesn't sound different enough from Walsh's. I like the guy's voice, but I don't like the way he sings this song. Under certain circumstances, I might guess that this was Walsh doing the song live or a different version of his own song. Bottom line is nothing grabs me about this version..

#4) Ozzy - I like Ozzy's voice. I like Ozzy's music. This song SUCKS. I know at this point Ozzy is understandable only on his best day of any given year, but this version is just atrocious. I mean, he has to be mind-blown when he did this, it just stinks so bad.

So count my vote for Joe Walsh.


Posted Jun 17, '12 at 10:51pm



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1) Joe walsh- really is tied with Triumph but is the original so ya
2) Triumph- sounded the same as Joe Walsh's version which was my favorite
3)Godsmack- did not really like the spin they put on it.
4) ozzy- I did not like it at all. It was horrible to me.


Posted Jun 19, '12 at 1:06pm



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There are a lot of great covers. The

Punk Goes
Pop albums are covers and quite a few of them are great. There about 4 albums now

Posted Jun 23, '12 at 7:05am



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Bravo, MrDayC! Nice job with this contest thread. You deserve a standing "O".

My vote goes to Joe Walsh. I closed my eyes and simply listened to each and every other version. Everyone else was simply paying homage to Mr Walsh. No one even altered the intro all that much or stylized the rhythm, tempo or vocals. As far as the competitors second place should go to Godsmack. I had to stand up and boogy to their version.

I reserve the right not to comment on Mr Ozzy Osbourne's version.


Posted Jun 26, '12 at 10:37am



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@ Xcalibur45 : Thanx for the suggestion! Already got that idea from Zamiel, so I'm definitely going to check those out! Thanx! =)

@ Everyone : Thanx for all your votes! I'm glad you all like the thread and participate in it! Really appreciate it!! *two thumbs up*


This battle is (again *sigh*) overdue already!! Sorry guys and gals... but I can't seem to keep my promise to post a new battle every week! Ooops...(o.O)

Well, it's time anyway, so first the final score for Battle # 4 - Rocky Mountain Way and it seems as the original won again! Let's see :

4 - Joe Walsh (Original version) - WINNER!
2 - Godsmack (Cover version)
0 - Triumph (Cover version)
0 - Ozzy Osbourne (Cover version)

That's that... now, time for me to post a battle of my own, but rest assured... suggested ones will follow again, all in due time!

Presenting Battle # 5 : All Along The Watchtower

As always, some information for you to decide who's version's the best!

Battle # 6 : All Along The Watchtower

- Bob Dylan (Original - 1967)

- Jimi Hendrix Experience (Cover version - 1968)

- XTC (Cover version - 1978)

- Grateful Dead (Cover version - 1987)

- Dave Matthews Band (Cover version - 1990)

- Michael Hedges (Cover version - 1993)

Allright... swing that hammer and ring that bell!!!


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