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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted May 24, '12 at 9:58am



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This thread is an idea I had for a long time now and it seems like a radio DJ had it too! Since I heard it being held on the radio, I thought it was finally time to introduce it to the music loving users of ArmorGames! Presenting...

Throughout the history of music, artists have recorded numerous songs for people to enjoy, but sometimes... another artist thinks he/she/they can perform that same song better or think of a different approach/interpretation of it! This can produce a completely different song, sometimes with a big improvement, sometimes it's a complete failure and every now and then... a true (new) gem is made!! =)

This battle thread is all about comparing those songs and the rules of engagement are pretty simple... I post a battle between two songs, one is the original version and one is the cover version. You can vote (once only per battle) for either of the two artists featured in battle, giving them 1 point for your preferenced vote! And an elaborated reasoning is of course required for your vote to be counted in the score roundup, we don't want this thread to be flooded with spam posts after all...

Note this : on several occasions some songs have actually been covered by more than one single artist, therefor battles with more than two artists featured may occur sometimes; the rules will always stay the same though! To clarify once more...

Short list of rules :

1) I will post a new battle ('every week');
2) Only one vote per user, per battle;
3) A reasoning is required to count your vote.

Plain, simple and fun! =)

And if you feel that a certain song needs to be presented in a battle in this thread, please post the battle suggestions on my profile, do NOT post them in this thread as this will only become confusing about which battle is currently featured!

Hope you will like this idea and participate in it! =)


Posted May 24, '12 at 10:31am



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Let's start off with the first battle to present in this brandnew battle thread!

A song most of you (surely) know...

Presenting Song Battle # 1 :

Metallica (Original version) -VS- Lucie Silvas (Covered version)

You've read the rules (I hope) and so... decide which is the better version : Original or Cover!

And the battle begins... VOTE!!! =D


Posted May 24, '12 at 11:40am



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Metallica, hands down.
There way of bringing the song just defines it, yuor brain just decides " yeah this is how the track should sound " and so i prefer Metallica.
The cover isn't all that bad but it just isn't the way i want the song to be


Posted May 24, '12 at 12:55pm



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I'm trying to judge them as two separate songs, and it's really difficult. The metalhead in me wants to go with metallica because.. It's f***in metalica! and the actual music listener in me is on the fence.

On one hand, James Hetfield's voice in it mixed with the clean screaming gives it a lot more power vocally, but on the other, the symphony that Lucie brings with her gives the music just as much power.
Granted, I do see needing an entire symphony to capture the same power on a love song as a bit of a drawback, versus five dudes with some guitars and drums. I have to give it to Metallica


Posted May 24, '12 at 1:30pm



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Why did I not think of this, great idea MrDayCee!

Metallica is the original version so it gets a point there. I like the version a lot. On the other hand Lucie's version is much more lovey I guess. More what you would expect from that type of song. So my answer:

Metallica, while Lucie did a good job I think Metallica's version is a little more unique. I liked both but Metallica just had that slight edge.


Posted May 24, '12 at 3:29pm



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Lucie has a good voice and made a nice version of this beautiful ballad.

However I know exactly why I prefer Metallica playing it. And it's not because it's the original :P

I vote for Metallica. I'll use some of the wording from Zamiel's vote, and say that "their way of bringing the song" is perfect. It's simple, yet carries all the emotion within.
Lucie's version is just too much pathos, too much stylistic elements, too much orchestrated and melodious yet too weakened.
I like it raw and simple as Metallica plays it; nothing else matters for this particular song^^


Posted May 24, '12 at 6:54pm



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I felt that Lucie's version tried too hard without really accomplishing anything. It sounded allright, but Metallica was better.


Posted May 25, '12 at 1:09am



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METALLICA HELLZ YEAH! They are way better lol. And when i clicked on the cover it said it was blocked to the US... *sigh* But anyway i have a suggestion:

Metallica (cover) Turn the Page -vs- Bob Seger (original) Turn the Page

Can you do that one next?


Posted May 25, '12 at 8:25am



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Lucie's version that you posted is blocked in the US, like cpt0bviousv2 said, but there are other video's available of her singing it on youtube. If i would have thought of it, i would have just posted one here, but i already closed that window. On to my vote:

I wanted to pick Lucie on this one, just to spite Metallica for what they did to Turn The Page.. However, while her version is good, Metallica's original happens to be one of my favorite songs by them. It just works. I'm a fan of slow and heavy, so I like that. Hetfield's voice on the original is just the perfect fit.

So my vote: Original - Metallica.

(ps #1 - kudos on the thread idea DayCee, you are indeed a true rock star)

(ps #2 - Lars can suck it)


Posted May 26, '12 at 11:36am



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Metallica all the way!!! Any cover of this would be an abomination!

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