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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted Jan 17, '13 at 12:33pm



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Due, I'm not perfect... I'm... I'm... I'm... yah! =P

Well, it's true, I've been slacking this thread a bit... sorry! I'm trying to get all competitions back in order now. I'm glad I can count on ilberic to keep the scores when I'm busy, but I'm going to try and get the train back on track again, ok?

First a final score count!

~ The Guess Who - 4 - Winner!
~ Lenny Kravitz - 1
~ Krokus - 0

Right! On with the show, next battle is up! I mis-calculated the number of the last one, should have been 13 instead of 12, so this one is...

Battle # 14 : Turn the Page (Suggested by xXxDAPRO89xXx, thanx!)

A song covered by different artists, each with their own sound embedded into the original masterpiece! Here's the info for each version:

~ Bob Seger (Original - 1972)
~ Golden Earring (Cover - 1995)
~ Metallica (Cover - 1998)
~ Aaron Lewis / Staind (Cover Live - 2008)

Let's turn the page for the next chapter in the "OvC - Song Battle"! Ring that bell!!



Posted Jan 22, '13 at 12:05pm



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Pretty sure I know how I'm going to vote. I'm also pretty sure I know who I'm gonna vote into last.. But here we go:

Bob Seger: Flippin' perfect. The saxophone bits are just bone chilling awesome. You can actually feel exactly what he's talking about when he's singing the lyrics. Just one of my all time favorite songs..

Golden Earring: Well, first off he's just singing too fast for my liking. I do like what they did instrumentally though. Not as much as I like Seger's, but it's still pretty cool. The singing keeps getting to me though. Another case where the way they sing it makes me think they don't get it. I know they have to try to make it their own, but..

Metallica: Grrr.. I might be slightly biased against them because of crybaby Lars thinking Napster was the reason nobody wanted to buy Metallica music anymore.. but anyway, onto their crappy version.. I just don't like this version. It's not meant to be a hard song. The lyrics and the music just make no sense together. And though, Day's link isn't actually the video, the idea that they made this song about a prostitute just sickens me

Aaron Lewis/Staind: This is pretty cool. He definitely understands the song. The music is really simple but very cool as well. I like his voice as well. All in all a really good version, but nothing that excites me all that much.

So now the votes:

4) Metallica - They just suck. Twisting an awesome classic into something it's not meant to be at all. Plus, they're Metallica.. insert random expletive here.

3) Golden Earring - I like what they did musically, but the lyrics are just way too fast for this. It just doesn't make sense. Overall not terrible, but kind of aggravating to listen to

2) Aaron Lewis/Staind - Great cover version by someone who understands the song. And the fact that he did it with an acoustic guitar is pretty special. If the original wasn't one of my favorites, this would have had a chance.

1) Bob Seger - The song is just perfect. Just bone chilling perfect. Saxophone, lyrics, music all just exactly what they need to be.

So my vote - Bob Seger


Posted Jan 26, '13 at 12:27pm



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I have to admit that I didn't know this song, but I enjoyed the original one. And I would have never guessed it's such an "old" song. I think his voice has a lot of feeling and the way he sings it fits very well with the lyrics. Besides, I love the saxophone; it gives this song a special atmosphere. Really, really good.

I think Golden Earring version is a bit too fast. I like the singer's voice, but I'm not really keen on the way he sings this song and I didn't like the last part of the song. Too noisy, too much screaming, but I know it's me. I definitely have a low tolerance to strident sounds.

Metallica's version... well, I was a bit reluctant to listen to it at the beginning because this is definitely not my type of music. However, it was surprising that I didn't dislike it as much as I thought, but it's still too noisy for my taste and it's something that I wouldnât listen to many more times.

Mmm, an acoustic version... That's my weakness. I've always been amazed by the talent of some musicians to be alone on stage with just one instrument and do wonders with a song. I do love this cover, as everything seems to be spot on: great voice and emotional performance. Awesome

So yes, for the first time, my vote goes to the cover: Aaron Lewis / Staind.


Posted Jan 29, '13 at 9:54am



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Ohmygod. Thanks DayCee!

Of course for me I have to vote Metallica. I love the way that they sped up the tempo a bit and added more rock. That is why it is better than Bob Seger's original. But of course I'ma die hard Metallica fan also... ^^


Posted Jan 29, '13 at 11:39am



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Well, we're off to the races.. not really, but we do have a close battle thus far (if you can call it that with only 3 votes in)..

Score update:

(original) Bob Seger - 1
Aaron Lewis / Staind - 1
Metallica - 1
Golden Earring - 0

Now we have a battle, a few votes and a score update... all we need is MORE VOTERS.


Posted Feb 8, '13 at 7:19am



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bob seger:
this might be a good song if i want to fall asleep. it's to slow for me to realy like.

golden earing:
this band has a special place for me. because our families are good friends of eatchother.
but this particular song isn't realy what i like about the band. it again is to slow for me to be able to like.

here we go, a bit more action. tbh do i not know any song (except the big hits ofcours) of metallica and dont i find them that good either. but sofar this is the best i heard in this list.

aaron lewis:
did he change anything from the original? is it realy a cover, or did he preform the old song?
anyway, as you probably have already guessed. it's to slow.

1:metallica =o
2:golden earing =)
3:bob seger =)
4:aaron lewis =/


Posted Feb 15, '13 at 10:23pm



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They just suck

You aren't my friend ._.

Posted Feb 25, '13 at 4:36am



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Bob Seger: So beautiful song, and great version (original always the best).

Golden Earring: This is good, but I don't like the vocalist.

Metallica: Guitar is too heavy for a song like this, don't like a lot...

Aaron Lewis: this is an amazing cover, really good guitar arrangment and great voice.

So, my vote goes to Aaron Lewis


Posted Feb 27, '13 at 4:50pm



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Time to make another score update, because I've been slacking this thread for way to long... heck, even ilberic got tired of me as it seems... LOL (O.o)

2 - Aaron Lewis / Staind (Cover)
2 - Metallica (Cover)
1 - Bob Seger (Original)
0 - Golden Earring (Cover)


You know what? I think it's about time to make a brand new battle and upload it tomorrow! This one has gone on long enough now (WAY too long if you ask me, ahuh) and we need some fresh blood in here!!

New battle coming tomorrow! =)


Posted Feb 28, '13 at 12:54pm



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The last given score count will also be the final one for the previous battle... on we go to the next one! And so, as promised, it's time for a brandnew battle!! Feast your eyes and ears on this people!!! =)

Battle # 15 : Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

And of course, some examples to help you choose your winner in this battle :

~ (Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac (Original - 1970)
~ Judas Priest (Cover - 1979)
~ Arthur Brown (Cover - 1997)
~ Therion (Cover - 2002)

Ring that Manali... errr... BELL!!!


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