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So ive decided to make an RPG with a rather huge setting to it.

This RPG plays out inside a huge fantasy world known as Everland.
The world is divided into 5 sections.
The Heatlands:
A large, burning hot area owned by the Czao, A race of huge demonic humanlike creatures. They are warfare experts.
The Peaks:
Another huge area, That is completely on mountainsides owned by the Golurms. Giant Rock constructs held together by a living soul inside their body. They are building experts.
The Wetlands:
A Huge area engolfed in water inhabited by the volka, a snake mixed with a fish hybrid with arms. They are masters of strategy.
The Grasslands:
Guess what? Another huge area above surfaces with a overwhelming amount of plant growth. This place is ruled by the humans.. Do i need to explain? Good all around.
The Skylands:
A colossal island floating in the sky owned by the Wyvernsm A dragon + human type beast that has large wings in the back of it.
They are experts of mobility.

Storyline: 5000 Years ago, the everland was created by the gods as a area meant to sustain life for as long as it could. They sent non evolved, small blobish beings into there to evolve into a new , great source of life. The gods however, Were not happy with what happened next, these small beings had headed into their own habitats, and evolved due to the conditions there. They were easily set in war do to the fact that each one wanted more land, more gold, etc etc. The gods decided to take action, They attempted to settle the diffrences between them and punish them, But this was not to last long. The creatures did not like this (Obviously) and decided to take action, They took down the gods, Containing them inside 5 crystals taken in by every 1 of the nations. 400 Years later, Due to technology, Greed, Evolution, And more happening.. Wanderers and killed beings were mutated, revived, And evolved into deadly creatures wandering this world.. Nations did not fear them however, due to them being easily defeated by them in numbers. 600 Years later the crystal were missing from all the lands, the gods were not back, But some of these mutated strange this had stolen these crystals. With the negative energy consuming it they were producing beasts that were overwhelmingly powerful, and were becoming a serious threat. The great war lightened up for a small time, and the nations located the source of this power. They could not stop the negative energy, so they decided to send these crystals away into a unknown region. However, due to the universes all connecting every now and then creatures will warp in random areas. (WILD BATTLES ARE NOW EXPLAINED, HORAY) As well as roam current areas. 980 years later the war was being purely fought by heroes, and the army they command.... Rather then all out soldiers at once. 20 Years later (OH BOY) A New hero was just about to make his mark in history.... You.

Character Sheets
Name: (Insert name here)
Age: (10-32)
Race/Team: (Wyvern, Golurm, Human, Czao, Or volka)
Personality: (You decide)
Description: (What character looks like, this is optional.)
Inventory: (Whatever you have)
Level: (Start at 1, Level cap is 100)
EXP: (Whatever you have) (Example: 10/20 XP)
HP: 100
MP: 100
Attack: 10 (5+ If you are Czao. 5- If you are Wyvern.)
Luck: 10 (5+ If you are Volka. 5- If you are Czao.)
Construction: 10 (5+ If you are Golurm. 5- If you are Volka.)
Speed: 10 (5+ If you are Wyvern. 5- If you are Golurm.)
Magic: 10 (No advantages and disadvantages)

Backstory: (Whatever you like)

Oh yeah, and you have to copy and paste this each comment... Yeah.


Stats Explained:
Attack: Increases damage dealt with melee type attacks. Why? BECAUSE THIS GAME HAS TURN BASED COMBAT.
Luck: Increases a chance of being luckier in certain situations as well as critical hitting in battle.
Construction: You can build more objects and gain a bonus in crafting.
Speed: Increases Dodge chance and allows you to preform certain actions quicker.
Magic: Increases magic damage and intellect. (Intellect will help you in puzzles)

Quick Q and A:

Will there be more story?
If this works out nice, i will continue this one.

Can i be a <werewolf, vampire, etc etc>

No, personally i think sometimes those types of characters are obnoxious and they are NOT created in this Everland.

How do battles work?

Me: You encounter a slime.
HP: 10
MP: 0

You: I Slash it with my sword

Me: 8 Damage
HP: 2
MP: 0
The slime slaps you.

(Whatever damage)
You: I punch it

Me: It almost explodes when you punch it sending goo everywhere. You gain 10 XP and 2 Gel.

Is there a character limit? Sadly, there is. I Cannot manage 100 at once, for now the cap is 6. When another guy helps me out, it will become 12.

Can i become a editor too?

Yes, but we need to be in a chat and you need to prove to me you are fair material for a editor.

Thats all i got, SO WELCOME TO EVERLAND!!!

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