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Arcuz 2 Chapter III

Posted Jun 1, '12 at 12:40pm



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Hello! I need some help with Chapter III in Arcuz two. There's this part in Dungeon 7 that I can't pass. I managed to get a stone or something that says "only the stone and I open the path". I've done every quest / side quest Everything and all is left is to defeat the enemy in Dungeon 7.

Please help I want to continue through the game


Posted Jun 3, '12 at 1:13pm



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Well before I got that problems too. But read the sentences from the games.

Do you remember the elf give you a Fire Stone?. That stone lead you to able to open the gates.

And for each Guardian, she will give you a stone to unlock it.

Before you use the stone to unlock. Drink the magic, luck, rage portion because when you get in. You fight the Guardian. Every sec. in important in there.


Posted Jun 5, '12 at 6:12pm



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That is the trial stone, the trial stone is a item that you can combine with a stone of blessing to create The Trials I, that is an enter to a place that you can kill a boss to get a realy rare iten ^^

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