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The Last Castle tips on lvling up

Posted Jun 8, '12 at 5:14pm



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isn't it hard lvling up on The Last Castle when u just start? well this is the post that helped me lvl up really fast
tip 1.always start off as warrior until lvl 27 i recamend lvl 30 though
tip 2.always get rage then the Fast recovery for rage then get the mighty dash then after burn then stomp then burning wave then stunning hit then heavy hit then berserk
thats all i hope you find this useful


Posted Jun 8, '12 at 6:22pm



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Not every-body likes going warrior although you recommend it you should post ways for Mage's and Rogue's to rank up too!


Posted Jun 11, '12 at 9:43pm



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I recommend To be a warrior or a ranger on low levels.I've been level 85 and that's when I lost all data and came back to level 0.Then I leveled back to level 79 again.I play a mage mostly or a warrior and really less ranger.If you want to level up fast then you'll have to play with higher levels.Only one game can level you up many times.I once leveled a guy 5 levels in one game.And do not play mage if you're less than level 9 and if you are level 9+ then be sure to put all your points in the heal skill and it's branches.

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