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The Pen or the Hammer?

Posted Jun 13, '12 at 9:00pm



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I saw this and I thought you meant like negotiating for people to work together or threaten them. Either way, both are important like the left side of the brain and the right... (except for it also has logic in the front as well as moral and empathy and the back hold other things that I have yet to look up/read). Any way, both are needed and both can work together. In a split second decision I would pick the pen though, just because I am more pen then hammer.


Posted Jun 24, '12 at 12:28am



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The hammer is a given, the pen is not. No matter what happens, the hammer will still be there because nobody, and I mean nobody is going to stop the hammer.

But, the question is which one influences the most, not which one is more important. So, my answer is: The Pen. Without the pen, the hammer would remain about the same for all of eternity. With the pen, the market is driven to new heights and more is possible to accomplish.

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