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First games you played on each of your consoles.

Posted Feb 28, '14 at 1:05am



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ATARI: Pit Fall
SNES: Dragon Ball Z
Gameboy: Pokemon
Sega Genesis: Mortal Combat
Sega Saturn: Marvel Vs. Streetfighter
Playstation 1: Final Fantasy
Playstation 2: Gran Turismo
PSP: Tekken
Nintendo DS: Harvest Moon
PC: Worms


Posted Mar 3, '14 at 5:18pm



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nintendo 64:starfox 64
gameboy: link's awakening
gameboy color: oracle of seasons
gameboy advance: minish cap
dshantom hourglass
wii:skyward sword
wii u:wind waker

one of those things is not like the other...

computer: Minecraft


xbox: combat evolved
xbox 360: halo 2
PS1:wiley cyotee, the game
PS2: armored core 4

I wouldn't call myself a fanboy of zelda, but looking back...


Posted Mar 15, '14 at 11:53pm



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Gameboy Advance: Super Mario World
Nintendo 64: Super Smash Bros
GameCube: Sonic Heroes
PS1: Spyro year of the dragon
PS2: Crash Bandicoot 2
Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl
3DSXL: Pokemon Y
Xbox360: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
PC: Team Fortress 2


Posted Sep 21, '14 at 11:27am



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Super Nintendo: Final fantasy VI
Sega Genesis: Earthworm jim
N64: Ocarina of time
Ps2: Call of duty big red one
Gba: Kirby and the amazing mirror
3ds: Mario kart 7


Posted Sep 21, '14 at 1:08pm



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Nintendo DS: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
XBox 360: Portal 2
2DS: Bravely Default
Wii: Not counting Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy.


Posted Sep 21, '14 at 3:05pm



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GameCube:Sonic mega collection
Gameboyokemon ruby
Dsokemon diamond


Posted Sep 22, '14 at 8:34pm



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PS1:That monsters inc game

PS2;Resident evil 4

PS3:lLittle Big Planet

PS4:Call of duty ghosts

N64:Mario 64

Gamecube:Mario kart double dash

Wii.Wii Sports


Posted Oct 2, '14 at 12:58pm



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My question is how do you people remember them. I honestly have no idea what I first played on most of my consoles. I'll try though and take my best guess.

PS2: Zapper - I believe the first thing I ever played on a PS2 was Zapper. It wasn't my PS2 but my grandfathers. However, it might have been Kingdom Hearts I played first which I played at a friends house.

Gameboy Color- Pokemon Red, Pokemon was my first game I ever had. I had Red by sister had Blue. Good times.

DS - Mario Kart DS. My favorite Mario Kart that has ever been made. I 100% completed the game.

Wii - Wii Sports. I mean, it came with the console so of course it was the first thing I played. I used to be so pro at the tennis I was literally off the chart.

3DS - Mario Kart 7. I didn't even like the game that much. It was sorta crap. I primarily got my 3DS for Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts DDS.

PS4 - Wolfenstein. Game looked good so I got it. It is a shooter and I have to say I like the story. The final boss is HARD though

Those are just the consoles I have, I am not going to list the ones that I have just played on but never owned.


Posted Oct 2, '14 at 3:02pm



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Xbox 360 - Banjo & Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts

Gameboy Advance - Metroid - Zero Mission

DS - Cooking Mama(I like to cook)

PC(does this count?) - Putt Putt Goes To The Zoo(Lol so old but soooo many memories)

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