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Vacuum Fear

Posted Jun 27, '12 at 9:52pm



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The idiots in government is sort of a cliche / reality situation, but it can create a lot of interesting material. Also, it's really easy to write; you just make arrogant, stupid, and hateful remarks, and bam! The perfect idiots.

Larger situation + more characters has been one of my biggest flaws in writing... I will certainly try to push that as much as I can, but there is no guarantee. I mean, I know what I want to happen next, but how do I get there? I suppose I will have to bring more back story to it, and maybe it will play a role in the long run. We'll see. I suppose chapter two will have to have back-story since jumping into the main plot so soon would disrupt the flow of the story a bit.

Yes, history does play a big role to this story. I tried to include the prologue to supply a lot of background information, but I don't think I included as much as I wanted, so it sort of became more of a first chapter than a prologue. Alas, I may end up writing a prequel to this story to supply even more background information, for example, how humans ended up on a planet like Alpha, how no-one on Earth came to know about it, how these humans grew to surpass technologies on Earth, etc. Then there are Boniver's pioneering days, which probably won't make it into a prequel but will more likely be referenced throughout this story. Then there's the title, but I may end up changing that anyways since I have no idea how to tie that to the story.


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What are you doing?

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