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Please allow HTML5 games!

Posted Jun 15, '12 at 9:29pm



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Hey guys. I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place... but could you guys help me to convince the staff here to allow HTML5 games? Here's five good reasons they should support this. First off, they are compatible with ANY device with a modern browser, Flash allowed or not. That means that you could show off to a MUCH larger audience! Second, HTML5 needs NO extra software, so no more updating your Flash engine! Third, there are TONS of HTML5 editors out there, including some free ones. Free ones include Construct 2 ( and Game Salad ( Fourth, HTML5 is NOT going to be dominated by ONE company, unlike Flash. The public can suggest improvements to W3C, and they can improve it for everyone. W3C is only the group in charge of developing the code and standardizing it, they are NOT a company. Fifth, the HTML5 code is constantly improving, but nothing part of it will be outdated, instead parts of it that are uncommon in the future will be kept in the browsers, so that they will always be useable.

If you staff read this, please consider adding this. If not, could you tell me how to contact the staff the right way? thanks!


Posted Jun 15, '12 at 10:06pm



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I think that it would be a wonderful idea, especially for people who use handheld devices that don't support flash. And even the handheld devices that do support flash, they usually load most flash games slower due to hardware limitations.

I think it would be a wonderful addition to AG, and the switch to AG3 is a perfect time to implement support for it.

I support this notion, and hope our dreams don't get crushed :P


Posted Jun 16, '12 at 9:11pm



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if it works with things like Ipod touches then why not?

~I'm the most manly man, and i support this message


Posted Jun 17, '12 at 5:38pm



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I don't think it would work because changing games into HTML might be difficult. Not to mention it takes up much more space.


Posted Jun 17, '12 at 8:54pm



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Not if they're already made in HTML5, especially if you're supplying support for both flash and HTML5. The space bit, I have no idea.

A lot of flash games out there can't be handled by mobile devices anyways. I tried playing Axon on my Samsung Galaxy Player, which is pretty new, yet it crashed after a minute. It has 384 MB of RAM (more than the iTouch), while most of the leading smartphones on the market have up to 1GB of RAM, which even then might not be enough. (It depends on how many apps you're running. My player usually runs at about 200MB out of the 384 provided, with no active apps running.) Even modern tablets only have 1GB of RAM at most, and for tablets there would probably be even less memory to handle games.

All of that, not to mention most games would need a keyboard and/or mouse to play anything. It would be easier to just release the games to the app market, specifically designed to be played on mobile devices.

Also, did you know that most, if not all of HTML5 games run off of one line of HTML code, and the rest Javascript? The 'constantly improving' bit is sort of irrelevant. Any parts of HTML5 that are improved and added in the future wouldn't have anything to do with the games. There's also the trouble of getting all of the things needed for the game to AG (all the art and code), while for flash games, they are in neat little packages.

While it would be cool to have HTML5 games in addition to flash games (I might even be inspired to make a game, if I could figure out how), I'm not sure if most of the argument is there.

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