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Okay, I don't know If anything's been done like this before on this forum, but this is just an idea that came to my mind. It's just something that came to my mind, and I thought it'd be fun to do.

Basically, the point of this is that I have no idea what I'll be writing about. You guys will choose the topics for me! I'll somehow find a way to intertwine these topics as best I can to make some sort of a story, and I'd like some feedback as to how I do at this so that I can become a better writer.

So, just a few notes. You can choose to be specific or general, but if you choose to be general, I may interpret it differently than you do. For example if you put "elves", I will interpret it as Tolkien's elves. However, if you put "Santa's working elves" and anything you want me to write about them, I'll have a clear example of what you wanted to hear about, and I will not confuse what you wanted to hear about.

Also, be ridiculous. It'll be fun. But know you limits. Don't go crazy with completely random stuff that cannot be formed into a story.

Thanks, and I hope to be writing here soon!

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"Doctor operates on a patient for brain surgery, until the patient turns into a brain to take over the world!"

Yeah. Do it.

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