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Begginer help?

Posted Jun 21, '12 at 10:32am



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Anyone know where to start with which language? I want to make agmes as a profession in my future so i figured, "Whhy not start now?" Any language will do, although ive done a very tiny bit with python and QB64.. Nowhere near games, though. Any languages just for games or more the games type?


Posted Jun 27, '12 at 9:59pm



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I was just like you once and started working on C++ although I didn't want to do it professionally. I recommend C++ because I have done a lot of searching on the internet for the right one for me and found out C++ is the best for performance and many professional game programmers use it. Now, if you find C++ a bit challenging or that it doesn't fit your current needs (I did get bored of it at one time) I have also found that it does not matter what language you start at really though. You can start at any language that you want to. This is true because once you understand programming in general and learn the basics of how it works and you pick up a few universal techniques then you'll find it easier to learn other languages, you'll start to see what languages are better for the problem you are trying to solve, whether it be performance, space, or cross-platform. This is far, far, far down the line though. Many professionals feel that learning multiple languages is better.

* Now try to search up a little on your languages that you know of and learn what the pros and cons are first though. Some off the top of my head include Java, C, C++, C#(Xbox 360, Windows Phone), Python, Lua, and Visual Basic.

* What I have said I am saying personally through experience. I am not the perfect person to answer because I have only been learning a little over a year on programming and am still a teenager, but I thought I would help, considering the tough time I had beginning.

* Every language will take time to learn and will need practice, do not shy from one just because it looks hard or Alien for that matter.

**** I am very sorry for the lengthy answer, but I still feel I left a lot out. Good luck on your programming and I hope you do better than what I did when trying to start out. Also getting a book helps, but is not necessary.


Posted Jul 4, '12 at 11:43am



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C programming languages are very complex and time consuming, but i understand your pain bro, i'm in the same position. I advice java, CS6(if you want to make specifically for Armor Games) or GameMaker:Studio.

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