Crusaders of the Lost Idols

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The only clicker/idle game to feature a formation system.
Collect an unusual host of over 54 characters.
Collect Gear, Buffs, and Trinkets.
Limited time events featuring special objectives and new content.
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Aug 6, 2015



Explained in-game

Recent Edits

  • Can't Stop, Won't Stop Thumbnail
    Can't Stop, Won't Stop
    Can't Stop, Won't Stop This mission doesn't even have an obective. You just can't stop yourself...
  • Henry, the Scaredy-Ghoul/Items
    This is a crusader items subpage for Henry, the Scaredy-Ghoul. It contains information about the...
  • Queen Siri Thumbnail
    Queen Siri
    Queen Siri is the second of the crusaders awarded for completing objectives in the Princess...
  • Sally the Succubus Thumbnail
    Sally the Succubus
    Introduced with the special event campaign Merci's Mix-up, Sally the Succubus is the only Demon...
  • Mischief at Mugwarts Thumbnail
    Mischief at Mugwarts
    Mischief at Mugwarts takes the Crusaders back to school. A magical school, no less, where...

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    Waxy Burnt Stub - Category:: Gear, Rarity:: Common, Effect:: Increases the DPS of all Crusaders...
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    Nonfunctional Security Camera Someone with this camera once had dinner with a Bigfoot. Alas...
  • Stone Spear
    Stone Spear An ancient stone spear. Category: Gear Rarity: Common Item Details Effect: Increases...
  • Cracked Knife
    Cracked Knife Try not to cut anything too stiff. It might break. Category: Gear Rarity: Uncommon...
  • Fully Equipped Ranger Medkit of Ranging
    Fully Equipped Ranger Medkit of Ranging This fully stocked medkit can heal nearly any wound...
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