Crusaders of the Lost Idols

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The only clicker/idle game to feature a formation system.
Collect an unusual host of over 54 characters.
Collect Gear, Buffs, and Trinkets.
Limited time events featuring special objectives and new content.
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Aug 6, 2015


Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an idle game of heroic awesomeness! Create a band of fighters to fight monsters, earn gold and create strategies for the perfect formations over multiple campaigns! Upgrade your heroes, collect unique gear, and unlock new Crusaders in regular new events.


Explained in-game

June 22, 2017

New Event! The Alien Invasion Day 2017 event runs from today through to July 4th at Noon PDT. For those players who haven't unlocked them already, this is your chance to add both Billy Smithsonian and Kizlyblyp, the Alien Traitor to your roster.

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