Esgrima 2

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Multiplayer Turn-Based combat!
Discover a world full of adventures and powerful boss monsters!
Take control of multiple classes as you progress in the world of Esgrima.
Visit different mining areas and collect the rarest materials which you can use to craft your gear!
Feb 7, 2013

Esgrima 2 is Turn-Based MMORPG set in fantasy renaissance times.



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Esgrima 2 Wiki

The Esgrima 2 Wikia community is dedicated to preserving and chronicling the information in the rarely played (and underappreciated game) Esgrima 2. Esgrima 2 is a free-to-play game online. If you have questions about the bosses, classes, recipes, instances, or anything else this is the community for you. Fans of this series are also providing walkthroughs and information about all the quests that are found in Esgrima 2.

Recent Edits

  • Soul Stone Thumbnail
    Soul Stone
    Soul Stone. The Mythical Soul stone is One of the Main Items in the game once you craft Flame...
  • Lightning Blade
    its oe oe aa
  • Shogun Thumbnail
    Shogun can be found on the fourth floor in Shogun's Castle, after 3 waves of enemies. Shogun is...
  • Mysterious Power Thumbnail
    Mysterious Power
    The Mysterious Power is an item required for crafting all second tier level 60 equips. The...

Popular Articles

  • Short Daishi Thumbnail
    Short Daishi
    Short Daishi is the seventh elite sabre to be crafted. It is also required to craft the level 60...
  • Approaching the Assassin
    Approaching the Assassin is the first quest given by Samurai. Before: Omurai already told me...
  • Eusobio's Secret
    Eusobio's Secret is the sixth quest given by Eusobio. Before: I can't trust this task to anyone...
  • Cloud Walker
    The Cloud Walker is the third rare pistol to drop. The Cloud Walker drops from Toxico Spider, in...
  • Metal Ring Thumbnail
    Metal Ring
    The Metal Ring is the fourth rare ring to drop. The Metal Ring drops from Pirate Captain, at The...
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