Corporation Inc - Cheat Codes Guide

Click the "Menu" button in game then enter the following for perks:
(Note: You cannot earn high scores from this feature)

(+) = Your game will no longer be valid for high scores

Version 1.05 and Above ------->

venture capital - (+) Add $100k to your funds
cashing in my options - (+) $100m to your funds
crash - (+) Set your money back to zero dollars

send in the clowns - Everyone is a clown
reaping the benefits - Everyone is a grim reaper
stop the silly - Turn off clowns or grim reaper features

Version 1.07 and Above ------->
research frenzy - (+) All research completed.
catzilla - All cats are 3x larger.
moar catz - (+) 50 Cats added to game.