Dragon Boy 2 Guide Guide



Fireball: Can fire up to five fireballs at once. It auto targets enemies too.

Nova: Damages nearby enemies with a ring of lightning.

Frozen Comet: Slow attack speed, but very powerful and cools (slows) enemies
down after impact.

Mana Regen: Increases the SPEED of mana regeneration. Does NOT increase
mana regeneration itself. Use items for that.

Health Regen: Increases the SPEED of health regeneration. Does NOT
increase health regeneration itself. Use items for that.

Absorb: Regenerates health and mana only after being hit. Your health/mana
bars will pause for a moment, and then it will start regenerating.

Teleport: Useful to get away from enemies. Increase in this skill only reduces
the cost.

Frost Armor: Freezes enemies if hit by physical attack. Costs mana per second
to use.

Static Armor: Returns damage if hit by physical attack. Costs mana per second
to use.


Charge: Offers most damage in this character class. Runs towards enemies and
attacks normally with bonus skill damage.

Quake: Offers poor damage, but stuns all nearby enemies and makes good use
as a secondary attack. Also makes Atal invincible while jumping to perform action.

Whirlwind: Spins around, damaging enemies multiple times. Damage can be
inflicted more times if equipped two weapons. Spins slower if equipped "slow attack
speed" weapon. If slow attack speed weapon is placed in secondary weapon slot, attack
is made lesser multiple times.

Life Plus: Offers extra percentage of life to Atal's overall raw life status.

Growth: Literally makes Atal bigger, increasing his attack range, and
unfortunately his hit box.

Exp Plus: Helps get Atal to maximum level faster.

Knock Back: This is a passive skill, so using any attack will push the enemy

Shield Spike: Hurts enemies who only attack physically when you successfully
block an attack.

Death Blow: Deals double damage with any attack. Skill level defines
percentage of success rate.


Master: Add monster spirits to your team. You need to find monster spirits from
killing enemies, and place them in the spirit box located in the party menu (p).

Skull Runner: Direct damage spell. Can cast three skeletons at once, and they
will hit three times gradually.

Morph: Change into a monster, and increase speed, life and damage of Umbra.
Costs mana per second to use.

Attack Curse: Non-damage spell. Weakens enemy attacks.

Defense Curse: Non-damage spell. Weakens enemy defense.

Poison Curse: Gradually diminishes enemy life by a percentage per

Monster Revive: If monsters in your party die, they are given a second chance
to fight again. Health regained is determined by skill level.

Dragon Revive: If your dragon dies, it is given a second chance to fight again.
Health regained is determined by skill level.

Self Revive: If you die, you are given a second chance to fight again. Health
regained is determined by skill level.


Attack Speed: Applies to all attacks, including casting spells.

Stone Slot: Sockets for placing elemental stones to stack bonuses.

Health/mana after each kill: After killing an enemy, health/mana is gained.

Life/Mana Steal: After hitting an enemy, health/mana is gained. (Only applies
with physical attack)

Atal/Umbra/Arazec Skills: Adds skill points to specific class for all skills

All skills: Adds skill points to all classes for all skills learnt.

Replenish Mana/Life: Added to life/mana regeneration per 2 seconds.

Rare item find: Better chances of monsters dropping better items.

Chance to dodge: On enemy strike, there is a chance it will miss you.

Chance to block: On enemy strike, there is a chance it will be blocked. The
difference between dodge and block is that you need a shield equipped, and you will be
knocked back.

Note: Life and mana steal conditions change with each difficulty level as


Life/Mana Steal: 100% of life/mana steal is stolen.


Life/Mana Steal: 50% of life/mana steal is stolen.


Life/Mana Steal: 25% of life/mana steal is stolen.


White: Normal

Grey: Socketed item to put elemental stones

Yellow: Rare with more item mods

Orange: Unique with more and better item mods

Red: Is health recover (Fruit)

Blue: Is Mana recover (Vegetables)

Purple: Is monster spirit. Sell it, or feed the dragon to help it grow, or use it in
Umbra's party.

Pink: Charms. Keep them in your inventory to automatically gain bonuses.

Green: Elemental Stones. They spawn later in the game. Apply on your dragon
egg to commence its growth, or stack bonuses on socketed items.

Yellowish Green: Gold for making purchases at the shop.


Rare item find is divided into 2 categories. The monster's level, and your rare item find
percentage (RIFP). As you progress through levels, monsters will drop better item
classes regardless of your RIFP. Your RIFP determines how good that item class is. So
for example, if a "mace" drops, it may become an exceptional "magi masher", or an
elite "flesh ripper". But it will never become a rare mace, or a unique mace. That is up to

the luck of the monster.

Where to get the best items?

-Playing through "Extreme" (Third difficulty level) mode will offer you the best items.

-Bosses and semi-bosses have a larger percentage of finding uniques.

-There is a secret man in town that appears once or so often on the far right side that
sells only uniques, but you have to pay to see them.



Owl: Soars through enemies damaging upto 3 times

Dworc: Slow, but very strong.

Fungi: Poison damage. Gradually losing HP

Araknid: Jumps and attacks. Invincible to projectile attacks whil in mid


Wolf: Similar to the Araknid, but has lesser attack range and is invincible to both
projectile and melee attacks while jumping

Glacius: Slow, but strong and attacks twice. Also stuns.

Critter: Slows enemies down with freeze attack. Also teleports when hit.


Delicious: Shoots a boomerang, decent ranged.

Chocolate man: Steals life, steals mana when equipped as part of Umbra's
team and transfers that mana to her.

Ice-scream: Slows enemies down with freeze attack. Also explodes when


Blob: Shoots 3 blobs, wide ranged and decent all round enemy.

Thief: Weak, but steals gold

Shrum: Incredibly fast, but low health.

Shruman: Ressurects all Shrums into zombie form. Be sure to kill this type first
to rid all shrums in the level.


Metal Skull: Blocks melee attacks, and shoots lasers in surrounding area.

Tank: Powerful damage long range, but very weak close range

Staticus: Damages all enemies on screen per 1.5 seconds.


Minion: Blasts an inferno, cannot obtain spirits from this type of monster.

Other monsters: Compilation of all the hardest monsters in previous levels.