Heroes of Glory

80 1M
Battle with epic and ground-shaking abilities!
Scourge evil through the vast world of Glory Land with your party of heroes.
Rare weapons and armor are the key to eliminating powerful bosses and demons roaming the land.
Upgrade and train heroes the way you want to maximize your battlefield effectiveness!
Dec 26, 2014


Heroes of Glory brings a whole new fighting style to the scene with an array of new battle types and PvP arenas. Recruit a team of powerful heroes and develop their skills to battle your enemies, vanquish evil, propagate virtue and defend your homeland!


Explained in-game

February 4, 2015

Dear Heroes, 1. We have added Contribution as event rewards in Strato Rush. The way for hijacking transport troop has been changed. The hijacked status will last until the transport finished. Players from the same guild can recapture transport troop by defeating hijackers before the transport finished 2. Cross-serer Battle is now open. Server 5 to 8 is not available for this function at present. 3. Special Skill of Ellen has been adjusted. Attack won’t be stopped when performing Special Skill. 4. Game content description and interface has been adjusted, and mistakes have been corrected.

January 22, 2015

Dear Heroes, 1.The game has 6 new heroes. 2.Timeless Tower has new missions for the new heroes, with rewards being adjusted. 3.We have a new Achievement system, with it opening when you reach Level 28. 4.Heroes’ skills have been adjusted. Xavier will also attack when you use his unique ability. 5.Improved Jaraiya's appearance. 6.Text and bugs have been fixed.
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