Heroes of The Banner

80 2M
Hire a vast number of mighty heroes to populate your towers, and lead you to victory in battle!
Use active abilities at key moments to turn the tables on your foes!
Upgrade your towers strategically from a variety of options to adapt to the flow of the onslaught.
Level up to gain more power, better gear, and new skills. The perfect blend of RPG and Tower Defence!
Jan 30, 2015

Your townsfolk need you!
Vile Orcs and foul Demons are threatening the safety of your village! To save your home, this RPG/Tower Defence hybrid will have you erect towers, hunt for loot, hire mercenaries, level up, and so much more! Experience the epic single player campaign, or take on friend and foe alike in the online Arena! Use every trick in your arsenal to kick the intruders right back to where they came from!


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