Idle Online Universe

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Party with other players to defeat giant monsters!
Fishing, wood cutting, mining, expeditions - mini-games out the wazoo!
Train and level up your own minion pets!
Upgrades. So many upgrades.
Feb 7, 2017


Battle Monsters with friends, become the top guild, perform woodcutting, space expeditions and plenty more in this ever growing first of its kind Online Idle MMORPG


Explained in-game

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  • Bingo Thumbnail
    Bingo is a community-wide recurring event that runs on Saturday and Sunday every four hours. By...
  • Fishing Thumbnail
    Fishing is an area where the player can obtain Fish Meat and Pearls/Clams. It is unlocked at...
  • Pet Upgrade Map Thumbnail
    Pet Upgrade Map
    The Pet Upgrade Map is used to upgrade Pets. It consists of a web of nodes that can be unlocked...
  • Guild Buildings Thumbnail
    Guild Buildings
    Guild buildings are structures which can be upgraded by Guild members by donating Stone or gold...
  • Abilities Thumbnail
    The player gains 1 Ability Point every level until level 200, for a total of 199 ability points...

Popular Articles

  • V0.80e-c
    v0.80c eta - Jul 4, 2016 -ADD: Level display on Energy Event research upgrades -ADD: Ability to...
  • Infinite World Challenge
    The Infinite World Challenge is the first and only Series Challenge. The challenge has an...
  • V0.86c
    v0.86c - Oct 24, 2016 -ADD: Event - New'Easy Heal' button for healing all characters HP/ MP with...
  • V0.83
    v0.83 - Aug 17, 2016 -ADD: New Lineage System! (Check Character Window) -ADD: New Challenge...
  • Challenge Points
    Challenge Points are a currency earned by completing Challenges. Once you reach a certain number...
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