Inferno Legend

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Sevitor summoning: recruit and build your own team
Lineage: Awaken the power of blood inside your body
Instance: pass instance to gain epic resources
skill: two optional mastery
Mar 20, 2014

Inferno Legend is a MMORPG powered by Unity 3D. You will join in the unprecedented fighting experience - Redefine the word "Justice" in Inferno Legend! You will conduct DIABLO to fight against the human.


Explained in-game

December 6, 2014

Sorry for the late update, We updated our server and repair the game on armorgames now.

June 24, 2014

Update logs on June 24th. World Cup betting bug fixed.

June 13, 2014

Update logs on June 13th. Main function: 1. Optimization of event Tower of Triumph: (1) the chance that you’ll fight against the player whose force is close to you is largely increased. (2) You won’t be downgraded in the first 10 floors. (3) From the 2nd floor, you can get one common chest on every floor and you can get one Gold chest every 5 floors. (4) Either win or lose a battle, you can get some gold. 2. If you miss the Human Invasion event, you can consume 28 diamonds to finish it and you’ll get badges and finish daily quests. 3. The event World Boss is live. (1)From 19:00 to 19:45, there will be one boss in the event scene. (2) The boss changes every day. (3) Challenge the World boss and you can get rewards according to your ranking. 4. The event World Cup is live: (1) During the World Cup, you will see the icon in the event scene. (2) You can bet on the matches every day. The rewards depend on your betting results. (3) The rewards include gold and World Cup Signets. The signets can exchange for the following rewards. First-class ticket (consumables) [Use] Lv30 and above players [Evaluation] No sell price (Can be found in the shop's [Special] page after being sold) Gold+200000 Vigor+20 Diamond+300 World Cup Trophy (Treasure) [Level]80(-10) [Basic]Physical Defense 567,Magic Defense 567 [Evaluation] No sell price (Can be found in the shop's [Special] page after being sold) Damage Reflection +3000 Defense+1000 Magic Defense+1000 Speed+1000 All resistance+1000 Required Level -10 Hell Artisan(Fire) [Evaluation] Force 7133 [Note] This is the guy in charge of constructing World Cup stadiums. He can use his building skills to gain the upper hand in combat. [Attributes] Strength 75,Intellect 33,Agility 40,Stamina 58 [Talent ]Demon [Lineage] Hell Artisan [Skills] Hammer of Hell (Specialist), Fire Practice (Specialist), Fortification Construction (Specialist), Combat Enhancement (Specialist) Fortification Construction: Passive skills, grants Iron Defense upon entering battle, Defense increase largely and lasts 2 rounds. Optimization: 1.The image of the Grand Housecarl in El Dorado is changed. 2. The Demonic Aura Resistance of the Demonic Armor is effective to the Lucifer. 3. The images that you can buy are now have 2 periods of validity: 15 days and 30 days. 4. The icon of diamond pack is changed. 5. The backgrounds of the elite instances are changed. 6. The Slaughter of main and elite instances is quickened. Slaughter of event instance is now adjusted to directly pop out the window displaying the rewards. 7. The limit of the words that you can enter when chatting is 80 words. 8. You can now click just one time to enhance the totem to level10. 9. If two players successfully challenged the Demogorgon, the record will differentiate one from the other. 10. If the Miracle hasn’t been activated, its attributes shown to you are full. 11. The daily diamonds and weekly diamond rebate pack now have description. 12. The maps that activate the elite instances from Chapter 6 are moved to the outer space of treasure boss. 13. The skill Great Sacred Grid has been adjusted: (1) Lv35 Maximum Dodge +5% is changed to Maximum Active Skills Learning+1 (2) Lv40 all Maximum Resistances+5% is changed to Passive Skills Learning+1 (3) Lv45 Maximum Dodge +5% is changed to Maximum Passive Skills Learning+1 (4) Lv50 Maximum Dodge +5% is changed to Maximum Resistance +10%, Maximum Dodge +10%. 14. The displaying effects for fighting the big bosses of chapter 2, 3 and 4 have been optimized. 15. The passive skill of the Witch’s Elemental Affinity is changed to ignore enemy Ice Resistance and Thunder Resistance.
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