Jungle Wars

76 1M
Use the training facilities to improve your troops. This way you will increase their strength and power of destruction.
Be social, form powerful clans and take part in clan tournaments. Thanks to the Clan Headquarters building you will have a chance to both receive help from other clan members and send it to them.
Attack hostile tribes using specialized units - if you deploy them wisely on a battlefield, you will gain a crushing victory.
Plunder other villages, pillage their resources and use them to purchase new objects and create a greater army. It will help you in keeping the top positions in the ranking.
Dec 4, 2014

Welcome to the jungle!
You have just become the chief of a wild tribe. Get into action and create a powerful village, train your army, collect resources and strategically lead your troops into bloody battles! Become invincible by conquering your opponents and plundering resources from their villages. In this highly addictive social game JUNGLE IS YOUR HOME - WAR IS YOUR DESTINY!


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