Kings of the Realm

80 503K
Lead armies of TROLLS and MONSTERS and more, commanded by Epic Heroes. Custom build your armies to ensure you have the edge over your enemies.
Collect LOOT and CRAFT 100+ epic Weapons. Refine materials to make them more powerful, unlock crafting recipes and equip your heroes with the best weapons and armor
Build a mighty base with over 200+ buildings. Choose to focus on resources and wealth or on building mighty defenses to protect your hard earned loot from raids
Join a GUILD and take part in weekly GUILD tournaments. Work together to protect your realms and climb the ladders of power to eventually become a King!
Mar 12, 2015


The ultimate in STRATEGY games, Kings of the Realm is a fast paced MMO RTS of base building, territory capture and guild vs guild warfare. Set in a world of conquest and betrayal. You will need to build a mighty base, raid your enemies, help your guild and lead your commanders to victory.


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