Might & Magic Heroes Online

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Engaging singleplayer campaign - Go on an epic adventure in an amazing fantasy world
CO-OP gameplay - Tackle the biggest challenges together with your friends
PvP Fights - Find glory in the arena and crush players from around the world
The best Strategy RPG experience - Enjoy Beautiful graphics & a smart combat system
Oct 5, 2015

Play through the legendary single player campaign, face challenges with your friends in co-op battles and raids or against other players around the world in the PvP Arena. Choose how you want to play and have fun!


Explained in-game

October 5, 2015

Dear Heroes, We would like to welcome you to the closed beta of Might & Magic Heroes Online at ArmorGames! Discover the world of Ashan and battle your way through it. Alone on your loyal horse or together with your guild; the adventure awaits you! We have a Game Guide for you to get started. ( http://clb.heroes-online.com/en-US/game-guide1 ) If you have questions about the game please visit our official forums for lots of information and to receive help from other players. ( http://forum.clb.heroes-online.com/forums/104 ) See you on the battlefield! Best regards, Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' team

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    Blackbough is the first area Haven heros arrive to as part of Chapter 1, but it is not unlocked...
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    All factions get a number of towns which are acquired in Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 and the...
  • The Zealot's Sublimination
    Description: Written by an expelled priest of the Church, this tome speaks of five hundred...

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    Engaging in a Battle
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  • Daeva (Weekly Boss)
    Youtube Video of Battle[1]
  • Quest
    A Quest is a mission granted to you from which then requires you to carry out an action, and...
  • The Pride of Lions
    Pieces: 6 Intended faction/class: Haven/Might
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