Mini Heroes

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Explore dungeons with friends in real time!
Train your pets and watch them evolve into different forms.
Craft thousands of unique items from any material you find!
Visit your friends or design and decorate your own home and land
Dec 22, 2012

*** UPDATE ***

Due to a small number of users who were able to use a glitch to duplicate rare items and ruin the in-game economy, we have decided to do a mass inventory wipe. You will still, however, have all the equipment that you had equipped to your character before the wipe. All of your character's stats, EXP, Paragons, pets, etc will remain untouched.

We have also disabled the player-to-player trading option, but have re-opened the Auction House :)

Also, ALL treasure chests can now be re-opened again, so re-visit your favorite dungeons!

Can't wait to see you all back in the game!


An all new multiplayer, adventure game experience. Battle monsters and explore dungeons with friends. Raise pets and Craft over 1000 unique items!



June 27, 2013

Hey all. Sorry for the downtime, but we are dealing with an in-game exploit that is allowing users to duplicate items, ruining the game's economy. We will put the game live very soon with trading functionality removed for now.
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