Santa vs. Giant Worm

Posted on Dec 04, 2012 at 6:27pm

Santa gave you coal in your stocking and now it's time for revenge. Munch on his elves, prancing reindeer and finally the big jolly man himself in Effing Worms: Xmas Edition.

Play Effing Worms: Xmas Edition


  1. Oh yay...more effing worms. Nothing I love more than a repetitive game and series that offers no challenge in any way shape or form

  2. Oh, yay! More effing worms! Nothing I love more than an amusing game and series that offers quick, easy time-waster gameplay, in all of its ways and forms.

  3. i love effing worm games i play it evry day eat santa

  4. głó.........wno

  5. Santa worm flys

  6. pff lol

  7. Awesome! By now, though, the series feels a bit repetitive, especially by the time that the main quests are completed. I was really hoping that this would be the one to introduce some sort of new feature like boss battles or something, and was thoroughly disappointed when I found how easy it was to eat Santa.

  8. es un juego exelente

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