We calculated the games that had the most players this year. Who do you think is #1?
Hordes of monsters surging forward in single-file, with only you and your building powers to destroy them.
The second best part about Halloween (besides loads of candy) is getting spooked by your favorite scary games and movies.
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Mod Faves

Find out which games are the favorites of our Moderators.

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Ten Years of Armor Games

With over 10 million users, 3,680 games, and 2.4 million forum posts, see what else was accomplished thanks to you, our wonderful users.

Armor Games, Birthday
Soda Dungeon Launched

Stock the tavern with sodas, entice adventurers, and plunder a massive dungeon for loot in this turn-based dungeon crawler.

Afroninja, iOS, iTunes, Soda Dungeon
Unlock Armatars

More armatar unlocks are available for adventurous questers.

5 Color-Changing Games

Change color along with the leaves this autumn with these five colorful color-changing games.

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Knighttron Quests

Are you ready to earn some new Quests? Guide a hero in a journey to recover memories while battling hordes of enemies.

Sushi Cat Plushie - 50% Off

Make an adorable new feline friend who’s in a frenzy about Japanese food. Sushi Cat plushie is back!

For Sale, Plushie, Store, Sushi Cat
New Armatars

The King of Towers has new Armatars to unlock. Earn the Heavenly Quest to get them all and show your friends!

A Knight's Quest Teaser

From creators of Strike Force Heroes and Raze, Sky9 Games is working on new game called A Knight’s Quest.

Sky9 Games, Strike Force Heroes
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