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About Us:

Armor Games is a professional and large-scaled website that has been promoting flash content for over two years now. We do so by running the Armor Gaming Challenge and sponsoring many games (over 200 games at the moment) by a variety of very good flash artists all over the internet. ArmorGames believes in letting the developer keep all of the rights to his/her work. We never take credit over stuff we haven't made directly, and we put you, the flasher, right in the center.

Why should I let Armor Games sponsor me?

By letting Armor Games sponsor your game you get the following.
1.) A lot of money. Typically prices range from $1,500 to $7,000 (But we are willing to pay more for higher quality games)
2.) Your game gets showcased on ArmorGames.com and seen by 100,000's of people.
3.) You retain your IP.
4.) We offer exclusive AND Non-exclusive sponsorships.
5.) Depending on the game and the price, we sometimes allow you to include advertising in your game when you post it to other sites.
6.) If you game is good enough, we might produce stickers or other material that would further promote your game across the internet.

What are we interested in?

First of all we are interested in you getting the right reward for your flash games. We understand the amount of trouble people go through to create a good flash game, and we believe that you need to get rewarded for contributing in such a way to the online community.

Does Armor Games need access to my FLA file?

No, Your source file is your work so you keep it to yourself.

So I have to sign a contract?

We only deal with people we trust, if we don't trust you, we won't deal with you, if you don't trust us on the other hand, we will gladly refer you to other developers we have sponsored. The online game development community is a niche market, and word travels fast if someone is not trust worthy.

Cut to the chase, what are you looking for?

Fun Flash Games. If your game is new, original, creative and addictive we will sponsor it.

If you have any additional questions, or would like a quote on your flash game; make sure to e-mail us @ 'Sponsorship {at} ArmorGames.com'.

Daniel McNeely
John Cooney