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Nov 19, 2012

The human colonies were overrun by the Mantis, the imperial empire betrayed them. Outnumbered by the enemy, the colonial forces struggle with the increasing power of the alien intruders. Enjoy fast-paced, tactical spaceship combats, become part of a spectacular storyline and invite your friends on exciting missions against the unite enemy.

For a limited time only the game comes with a free Rapid Tank Ship. Get it now! (See below for instructions on how to get it.)



January 29, 2014

STARTING TODAY: Rise to the RavenDynamics Sol System Challenge for Three Brand-New Spacecraft and More! What? Get the new RavenDynamics RDX-04 Onyx Marble and RDX-05 Marlstone spaceships - plus the amazing RDA-01 Cooldown Drone! Where? Visit Planetary Body BX-12 in the Sol System. When? Today, 14:00/2 PM local server time (US Server Time Zone: EST | EU Server Time Zone: CET) Find all the information (and pictures of the new spaceships) on our website: http://pirategalaxy.com/en/ravendynamics-returns-brand-new-challenges-missions-spaceships

January 27, 2014

WEDNESDAY: RavenDynamics is Returning to Sol With new Challenges, Missions, Spaceships and More! Get the fascinating RavenDynamics RDX-05 Marlstone (pictured), RDX-04 Onyx Marble, as well as an amazing new drone! Get ready: RavenDynamics Part II starts on January 29, 14:00/2 PM local server time*. * US Server Time Zone: EST | EU Server Time Zone: CET

January 7, 2014

See the brand new UI of Pirate Galaxy - now live!
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