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Mini-game Arcade

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Mini-game Arcade

Ingenious Personality Quiz
The Strangers

By Chad

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Launched March 20, 2008

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Arcade, Mini, Mouse Avoider, Shooting, Space

This is a collection of 10 Flash mini-games. You can either just play each game and have fun or try to get as high of a score for each mini-game as possible and submit it to a highscore table. You can pause the game at any time by pressing 'p' in which you have a menu to change any of the game's settings such as quality, music, and difficulty. Difficulty affects how much your score is multiplied. This game auto-saves your settings. If at any time you experience any bugs, report them to me and just refresh the page. Have fun!\r\n\r\np.s. Don't forget to go to flak-games.com to see other great games and chad-duncan.com to see current projects!\r\n\r\n-Chad


Mouse, p to pause, arrow keys, and space are used depending on the game. Each game has its own in game menu.

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Mini-game Arcade

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