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Elephant Quest

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Elephant Quest

GemCraft Labyrinth
Legend of the Golden Robot

By John

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Launched February 21, 2011

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Elephant, Fire, Online Save, RPG

**Please install Flash Player 10.2, this seems to be resolving some issues for people. Thank you! **

Latest version is v1.09. Some of these fixes may require a NewGame+ or NewGame to have the game fixed (saved game may retain bugs)

Version 1.09
This version fixes the following:
• Umbrella quest fixed (when loaded from save)
• Trophy quest fixed
• Map fixes for some browsers
• Elephant names hidden on loaded Save Game
• Area 12 walls climbable
• Area 25 walls climbable
• Area 31 jumping challenges fixed
• Old gun trails removed on new area
• Area 42 ghost block patched

Version 1.08
This version fixes should resolve most world map loading for users.

The fight is on! Wooly has taken your precious bowler cap and now you are on a romp to go get it back! Explore the freeform world of 45 various areas in this RPG-Shooter hybrid. Complete sidequests to get power-ups, extra firepower, and experience! Navigate the ridiculous Level Up tree to become the most powerful elephant in the universe.

Art by Jimp!
Programming by John!
Produced by Armor Games


Arrow Keys/WASD to move, mouse to shoot

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25,607 Ratings
Elephant Quest

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