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Don't Panic

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Don't Panic

City Siege 2: Resort Siege
Diepix Arena 2

By ForTheLoss

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Launched May 06, 2011

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Alien, Defense, Online Save

This was easily my biggest project to date. It took me roughly 3.5 months to complete. Enjoy ;)

Help defend the alien base against the relentless swarms of evil robot minions!

Using 6 unique weapons, 1 devastating turret, and 4 different reinforcement classes - fight wave after wave of evil robot minions and defeat the final boss at the end of the game.

Features 3 different difficulty modes (as well as a "Survival" mode), the ability to save/load your game,the option to submit your score to the scoreboard at the end of the game, two boss battles, and fourteen gameplay levels.

Note: Unlike most games of this type, all of the weapons are "unlocked" from the start, so please don't forget you can use the number keys to switch between them or you won't get very far ;)


W,A,S,D - Move player.
Left Mouse - Shoot
1,2,3,4,5,6 - Change weapon.
Space - Get in/out of turret.
P - Pause.

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Don't Panic

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