Eukarion Tales 2

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Number Ninjas
Jun 21, 2011


WARNING: This game is Big and Heavy, a Good CPU is recommended. Loading is long.

I was traveling to complete the training as a knight of the Absolute, but the voice of the sacred tree sounded in my mind.
It showed me a vision of an elf who fought against Kaos. Maybe I could have ignored the call, but I did not. I left the main trail and found myself in a dark forest ...


Mouse (See also the In-Game Tutorial or click the "?")

Use your mouse to interact with the game. You can move your character, use objects, and perform actions simply by clicking, or by using drag and drop.
To move, simply click on the place you want to go to. To attack an enemy simply click on that enemy.
To save your progress, change the options and pause the game click on the OPTION/SAVE button in the upper right corner of the screen.

When the game starts an "AUTO ATTACK" option will be active. With this option activated, the character will attack any enemy at attack range and will keep attacking until them die. You can toggle this "auto attack option" on, or off in the options menu or by pressing the toggle button in the game bar.

To use potions and Spells/Special Abilities equipped in your fast access slots, simply click the icons on the interface, or press the keys (1 to 9) that match the slot you wish to use. Keeping pressed the CTRL key and clicking on a slot will unequip the item or Spell/Special Ability in it.

The Inventory, Journal/Log, Characteristics, and Spells/Special Abilities screens can be accessed by clicking their icons. You can also directly access the Inventory by clicking I on the keyboard.

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