Everybody Edits

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Jul 8, 2011

Play and create levels with your friends in this great multiplayer platform level game.
Controls: Use arrow keys or WASD to move, space to jump and your mouse to edit worlds.


Keyboard and Mouse

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We are your #1 source for Everybody Edits information! Everybody Edits is a popular game which was launched in early 2010. It started out having 50-200 players online all at once, to having up to 2000 players online at any time. We provide guides for every level of player, detailing all the objects, puzzle types, and levels.

Recent Edits

  • The Akatsuki
    The Akatsuki is a crew in Everybody Edits owned by Minimania. It was started in 2016, and...
  • Moderators
    Administrators Nou (2015-), Thanel (2014-), Nvd (2014-), Toop (2014-), Processor (2015-) Former...
  • Diamond Block
    The Diamond Block is a Classic item that can only be used in saved worlds. Costing 1000 Gems, it...
  • Guide: List of Things People Hate Thumbnail
    Guide: List of Things People Hate
    This guide may start controversies on what's good and what's bad. Remember to acknowledge that...
  • Ultimate Fan 2 Smiley holders
    On July 20 2014 they've done a new fanboy smiley and submissions were closed on August 4 2014...

Popular Articles

  • Everybody Edits Thumbnail
    Everybody Edits
    Everybody Edits is a popular game made by Chris Benjaminsen, which was launched in early 2010...
  • EE Animator
    EE Animator is an editing tool created by Aslai that can animate bricks and convert images into...
  • Chat Commands
    Everybody Edits features an ingame chat, where players can talk to each other while in various...
  • EX Crew Thumbnail
    EX Crew
    The EX Crew are a group of collaborators who develop and create maps in Everybody Edits. The...
  • PL Crew Thumbnail
    PL Crew
    The PL Crew is a group, like the EX Crew, but with less members and experience. ~~From now on...


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