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Bullet Car

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Bullet Car

The Soul Driver
Robots vs Zombies
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Apocalypse, Car, Online Save, Robot

In an post-apocalyptic wasteland, a car that transforms in to a bullet is your only hope. Robotic sentinals are chasing you across the badlands - use your car's transforming capability to your advantage and survive as long as you can. Will you escape with your life? I doubt it, but that doesn't stop you trying!

Features 4 game modes and 12 achievements to unlock.


Your car drives itself, all you need to do is press space to switch between bullet mode and car mode.

Use bullet mode to turbo up hills, smash through gates and destroy the sentinals. Make sure you land in car mode - your bullet is vulnerable to crashing in to the ground.

Build up your chain by collecting gas cannisters and no2 bottles. Hit gates in the right mode for a speed boost. Hit gates as a car or hit the ground as a bullet and you lose your chain and some health. Avoid spike pits - land in them and you are a gonner!

Use your HUD display to tell when gates and spike pits are approaching. Blue arrows signify a gate and red arrows signify spike pits.

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Bullet Car

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