Escape from Puppy Death Factory

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Gap Monsters
Symphonic Tower Defense
Aug 17, 2011


No self-respecting space dog would fail to answer a distress bark from the surface of a ruined planet. Puppies are in danger! Rescue them all as you rearrange the planet's surface with your swap-gun, a device that allows you to trade places with pieces of the world around you. Build bridges, block lasers, and uncover a sinister plot that we promise isn't completely given away by the title. Sound like a brain twister? Sure, but if a dog can do it...


Escape from Puppy Death Factory is played with the keyboard.
Move around with the arrow keys.J
ump with the Up arrow or the C key
Pressing Z, X, or Space will fire the swap-gun.
The swap-gun allows you to trade places with many pieces of the game world. Use this ability to rearrange the world to get around
You can re-enter your ship and leave at any time, but you dont want to be the kind of dog who leaves puppies behind do you?

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