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Adrenaline Game

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Adrenaline Game

Epic War 5

By DegreeForMen

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Launched November 03, 2011

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Snow, Sports

Take on the world’s most dangerous sports with The Adrenaline Lab, brought to you by Degree™ Men. Featuring wingsuit diving, rock climbing and downhill skiing, The Adrenaline Lab takes you on an extreme adventure. Play in Adrenaline Event Series Mode to unlock 18 levels of adrenaline-pumping fun. Challenge your friends in Survival Mode to see how far you can push yourself. Do you have what it takes to live on the edge?


Climbing: Click the climber and drag down. Pull back based on how far your want to jump and and angle the red line to aim.

Skiing: Press left and right arrow keys to steer. Hit space to jump.

Wingsuit: Press left and right arrow keys to glide up and down. Press space to flip and speed up.

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Adrenaline Game

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