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Bad Eggs Online

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Bad Eggs Online

Minute Hardcore
The Last Castle

By Rob_Almighty

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Launched November 10, 2011

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Artillery, Multiplayer, Online Save

It�s every egg for themselves in this multiplayer artillery game!\r\n\r\nCommand an impressive arsenal of weaponry and take on players from around the globe in classic multiplayer deathmatch battles.\r\n\r\nLog in using your Armor Games login so that you can save your stats, complete challenges and level up to unlock new weapons, new badges, and new playable egg shells.


- Play as guest or log in with Armor Games to begin playing\r\n- Find a game to join or click 'Quick Play' to get into an open game.\r\n- Use the arrow keys or the mouse to aim and adjust power.\r\n- Press space or click 'Fire' to fire.\r\n- Click 'Weapons' to choose a different weapon.\r\n- Use A and D to move left and right.\r\n- Press 'Enter' to enter chat mode to speak to the other players.

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9,030 Ratings
Bad Eggs Online

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