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Chuck the Sheep

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Chuck the Sheep


By John

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Launched November 15, 2011

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Animal, Balloon, Bird, Bomb, Distance, Online Save, Quest

Chuck's done with the shears! He's ready to take off from the farm to fluff-safe lands. While he won't get far at first, Chuck is determined. But he needs your help! Launch him high and far using a variety of ship upgrades. Collect resources to build out new items. It's all up to you!

v1.3 - Back to normal, thanks for celebrating Thanksgiving with us!

v1.3b - Thanksgiving Bonus!

v1.3 - Resource bonus for Facebook/Twitter. Fix sticky thruster.
v1.1 - Various fixes


Arrow Keys / WASD to move\r\nSpace Bar to use Shield (When you upgrade)\r\nTab / Shift to use Boost (When you upgrade)

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10,135 Ratings
Chuck the Sheep

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