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Freeway Fury 2

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Freeway Fury 2

Reincarnation The Final Happy Hour
Castle Corp

By VascoF

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Launched November 29, 2011

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Car, Driving, Funny

Don't you sometimes wish you could just jump over traffic somehow? In Freeway Fury you can!

Quickly switch vehicles to get ahead faster, or to avoid bursting into flames. Crazy stunts award you with points and nitro boost! Can you reach the finish line before time runs out?

Reach all 7 different endings for the final BOSS battle! Or try FREE RIDE mode with lots of fun modifications to the game! Release your fury!!!


Hold Z or M to prepare to jump, then press an arrow key in the desired direction. Release to enter vehicle.

Press UP arrow key, X or N to use nitro boost.

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4,031 Ratings
Freeway Fury 2

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